TWCOS Kernel

Simple Kernel

TWCOS Kernel


A simple kernel, written predominantly in C, with a small amount of assembler, designed to make kernel programming easier and safer.

To this end, the kernel provides:

The kernel is written to provide minimal user level services, deferring implementing policy to the container personalities.


The kernel builds with a cross-compiler built under the tools directory. The file build/ file contains the name and location of the compiler, and you can provide your own if you wish, but the build system can download and build what it needs.

The build uses the fantastic makeheaders tool to generate headers on the fly, so the code contains minimal headers that makeheaders is not able to handle. Also, a simple single Makefile, with include based subdirectories, makes for a quick build, and simple grouping of like file. Dependencies are automatically generated from the source C files.

To build, in the root of the project, use:

  $ make apt-depend (on debian/ubuntu)
  $ make cross
  $ make includes
  $ make

This will leave a kernel in arch/i386/kernel and a simple boot ISO in boot.iso.